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Go game

Parametric goban and stones for blind players

  • One version for laser-cutting

  • One version for 3D printing

  • One version for 3D printing or CNC to use with real go stones and marbles

You can choose your size (like 6x6, 9x9, 13x13 or 19x19).


This work is dual-licensed under MIT and EUPL-1.2.

Please use under the license you want.

Please contribute on official repository under both licences.

Laser-cutting version

  • Engrave then cut one base.

  • Engrave verso of upper sheet.

  • Engrave then cut recto of upper sheet.

  • Stick upper sheet on base.


Create three goban, each in an other color. Reorder your stones to have good colors for each set.

Use --help on generator script to personalize your goban.

3D printing version

  • Adjust params.scad to what you want, use params-small.scad or params-large.scad as example.

  • Print your goban and your stones.

You have two different models for black stones, one with ergot and strips, the other with a demi-spherical. First is better for small version and the other for large version.


  • A 3D printed 19x19 goban composed of smaller games.

  • A 3D printed version to use with real go stones and marbles.

  • A CNC based version to use with real go stones and marbles.

Want to contribute ? It's open !

Happy cutting/printing and good game !