XMPP server, authoring tool, library, accessibility, adaptation, copyright exemption, risk, pdca, documents and accounting management system (server part). https://tn.nerv-project.eu
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Nerv Tales Network Server

Nerv Tales Network is a free software to manage all aspects about books. It fits needs of writers, editors, adaptation to people with specific needs, libraries, book shops, online libraries and book shops, museums, schools, ebooks distributors and readers. It manages:

  • Accessibility

  • Documents

  • Communication

  • Stocks and items

  • Projects

  • Accounting

  • Risks and objectives

  • Learning and documentary surveillance

  • On-line services

  • Help and consultancy

  • High security and confidentiality

  • Synchronization


You can also use Nerv Tales Network on other applications if it fits your needs.


Even if Nerv Tales Network have enough features and security systems, it can't be used in the following cases:

  • classified documents management and storage;

  • health management except for entities authorized to deliver adaptations of work of art;

  • any activity where the software need an agreement, a certification, an habilitation, an audit or other administrative stuff.

However, you can use Nerv Tales Network in these cases if you pass all legal steps by yourself. You can't ask help to the community or to Nerv Project ASBL in these cases, and you must conform to the EUPL-1.2 licence.

All works, the software, all plugins and documentations are under the EUPL-1.2 licence.