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Fontawesome SVG for Sphinx

Install the module :

python install

Download SVGs from fontawesome website. Configure it in your

fa_brands_path = '_static/fa/brands.svg'
fa_regular_path = '_static/fa/regular.svg'
fa_solid_path = '_static/fa/solid.svg'

Use inline references for brands, regular or solid:

Display an icon, with no alt text and aria-hidden:


:fab:`icon[alt text]`
:far:`icon[alt text]`
:fas:`icon[alt text]`

An icon with some attributes:

.. far:: icon
   :class: myclass
   :id: myid
   :alt: alt text

For links with fasvglink and icon name as classes.
This can be used to create fancy social links

:fablink:`icon: Text <url>`
:farlink:`icon: Text <url>`
:faslink:`icon: Text <url>`

:fablink:`icon: Text[alt text] <url>`
:farlink:`icon: Text[alt text] <url>`
:faslink:`icon: Text[alt text] <url>`


Icon is not inserted in LaTeX document for now. It uses alt text for all builders except HTML and ePub.

By kujiu, EUPL 1.2 licence.