Create PDF from Sphinx using WeasyPrint.
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<html xmlns="" xml:lang="en" lang="en"> <head> </head>

Sphinx WeasyPrint builder

Sphinx WeasyPrint builder is a PDF generator for Sphinx without usage of LaTeX.


You can install it with pip:

pip install sphinx_weasyprint_builder

Or with

python install


You can configure your output with these options:

  • weasyprint_basename

  • weasyprint_theme

  • weasyprint_theme_options

  • weasyprint_title

  • weasyprint_theme_path

  • weasyprint_short_title

  • weasyprint_style

  • weasyprint_css_files

  • weasyprint_show_copyright

  • weasyprint_show_sphinx

Each one has the same behavior of its equivalent for html builder.

In addition, you can set these three variables:

  • weasyprint_main_selector

  • weasyprint_footer_selector

  • weasyprint_header_selector

This builder analyzes generated HTML to extract with BeautifulSoup a footer and a header. They are removed from main HTML and reinjected on each page, conforming to theme's CSS. By default, no header and no footer.

Use compatible selectors for BeautifulSoup.


Just launch the following:

make weasyprint

Why an other PDF builder for Sphinx?

LaTeX is really hard to use and to personalize. There's also an other project to make PDF without LaTeX.

WeasyPrint converts HTML to PDF. It's the easiest way to customize theme and use a constant quality whatever the media is. If your HTML theme doesn't have any JavaScript, you can imagine use the same as HTML and PDF output.

This plugin is just singlehtml output with conversion to PDF.