Pygments style based on the Nightfox nvim theme.
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# pygments_nightfox_style

Pygments Nightfox Style

A style for Pygments (and IPython) based on Nightfox palette by EdenEast.

Original repository for Nightfox palette

This style has IPython specific configuration, when using this code in your IPython configuration:

from IPython.terminal.prompts import Prompts, RichPromptDisplayHook
from pygments.token import Token
from prompt_toolkit.enums import EditingMode
from platform import python_version
import os
import socket
import subprocess

class NightfoxPrompts(Prompts):
    def vi_mode(self):
        if (getattr(, 'editing_mode', None) == EditingMode.VI
            mode = str(
            if "INSERT" in mode:
                return 'I'
            if "NAV" in mode:
                return 'N'
            if "REPLACE_SINGLE" in mode:
                return 'r'
            if "REPLACE" in mode:
                return 'R'
        return 'E' # Emacs mode

    def in_prompt_tokens(self):
        git_branch = ""
            git_branch = subprocess.check_output(
                ["git", "branch", "--show-current"], stderr=subprocess.DEVNULL
            if git_branch:
                git_branch = git_branch.decode("utf-8").replace("\n", "")
        except subprocess.CalledProcessError:

        git_branch = str(git_branch)

        venv = (os.environ.get("VIRTUAL_ENV") or "").split("/")[-1]

        return [
            (Token.IPython.Prompt.Login, os.getlogin()),
            (Token.IPython.Prompt.Login.Sep, ''),
            (Token.IPython.Prompt.Host, socket.gethostname()),
            (Token.IPython.Prompt.Host.Sep, ''),
            (Token.IPython.Prompt.Venv, venv),
            (Token.IPython.Prompt.Venv.Sep, ''),
            (Token.IPython.Prompt.Version, ' ' + python_version()),
            (Token.IPython.Prompt.Version.Sep, ''),
            (Token, '\n'),
            (Token.IPython.Prompt.Cwd, os.getcwd()),
            (Token.IPython.Prompt.Cwd.Sep, ''),
            (Token.IPython.Prompt.Vcs, str(' ') + git_branch if git_branch else ''),
            (Token.IPython.Prompt.Vcs.Sep, ''),
            (Token, '\n'),
            (Token.IPython.Prompt.Mode, self.vi_mode()),
            (Token.IPython.Prompt.Mode.Sep, ' '),

    def out_prompt_tokens(self):
        return []